01 September 2010

soaring to new heights

Doesn't this just give you a sense of freedom and empowerment?  Sometimes I feel very unsure of myself when I want to do something really big.  Like when I wanted to dip my toe in the pool.  But this painting reminds me to just be bold and step out in faith, that I can do it and I really can soar to new heights if I give myself the chance. 

That's me...half the time knitting without a pattern, and the other half, modifying it so much I'm not completely confident it will actually to turn out to be what it's supposed to be. 

Maybe that's how it is with life sometimes.  I just have to be true to myself and let my own creative spirit lead the way.  I always am incredibly inspired by other people's work, but I never want to copy.  I know we each have something unique and special and precious inside us.  I guess the joy of the journey is just letting it come out and seeing what it turns into.

Well, I hope you like it wherever you are, and that today you'll have the opportunity to just sit back, take a deep breath and enjoy the view for awhile. 

blessings and happiness,


  1. just so darling :) makes me grin ear to ear. feel good art! gotta love it

  2. i love each & every one
    & send a tremendous hug
    to the girl
    across a rainbow
    from my door to yours!!

  3. Thank you sooo much for your kind words.
    They are truly treasured. :)

  4. beautiful - every single bit of it!!

  5. WOW!!!!! Hard to believe I had to come all the way to Podgorica, Montenegro to finally get to see this. This is so awesome!! Just like its creator. As I told you before I left, I really love the new work. I know you are going to do so well with it. I love everything about this blog. Everything you haev put in here has special meaning and your work is really greaat. I always knew youo would do great things, you just needed a way to express yourself. I believe you may have found it. Awesome, heartfelt, meaningful....


  6. Sorry about the poor typing above. These keyboards are completely different from those we have at home...