20 September 2010

weekend knitting

I finished my legwarmers last week and after some debate about what to pick up next, I decided to make a sock yarn shawl.  I am using leftover bits of sock yarn from previous projects and a pattern I have used before.  A friend of mine wrote the pattern.  It's a very easy knit and I'll be happy to share the pattern if anyone's interested.

The shawl is knit from the top down with 2 yarn overs at the center and one on each side so the rows get progressively longer.  I think I got a lot accomplished in just one weekend, but as the rows get longer, the progress will be more slow going.

I'm switching yarn every 2 rows so it will come out looking variegated rather than stripey.  I expect these two balls to maybe only get me 1/3 to 1/2 way, then I'll pick up 2 more leftover yarns and just keep knitting until it's the size I want it to be.  It gets finished off with a ruffle border and bound off in a contrasting yarn.  Here's the one I made originally:

I get many compliments on this shawl and have even had people offer to buy it right off me.  I think that's just a testiment to the beauty of the yarn and how nicely it drapes, and to the simplicity of the pattern.

By the way, I named my dressform Ethyl.  I found her at a flea market in my hometown in Kentucky for $45!  Isn't it awesome when you find something you've really been searching for and when you finally find it, you just get totally blessed by what a bargain it is?  Love those kind of days!

blessings and happiness,

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  1. oh, hello to ethyl!!
    oh, this yarn & shawl are a FEAST!
    LOOOOOOve them!
    yes, yarn makes me happy too
    & so does your dear heart, athena.