06 September 2010

an artful journey unveiled

Well, I promised I'd share some of what I've been working on and here it is.  What I've been trying to do is create something I could use as banner art for this blog.  I also needed new business cards, so I created new art for those as well. 

I started with some basic sketches, some for the banner art and some for what I think will eventually become mixed media works.  Now bear in mind I have no idea how to actually make this magically appear on the computer as a banner yet, but hopefully, I'll figure it out soon.  If not, I may end up needing to turn to professional help.  (Did you know there are 173 pages of graphic designers on etsy?!)

I don't know where the little lamb and horse will fit into everything, but I like the way they look.  We'll see...

My little table covered in ideas and half finished drawings...

The piece above with the gypsy wagon is what I want to use as a banner.  It's done with pen, art papers, colored pencil and watercolor.  I really like how it turned out.

This is the piece that I used for the new business card:

I'm also planning on doing some sort of "about me" page and an artist's statement page.  This is all a pretty big deal for me, because a few months ago I didn't even have my own camera, let alone know how to download and upload pictures or run a blog!  Now here I am figuring it out as I go along.  So I'm kind of excited because all these little things that are probably totally easy for most people, are really huge victories for me.

So you're part of my artful journey now, too.  You'll get to see this all unfold along with me.  I can see in my mind how I want it to turn out, and I'm hoping I'll be pleased with the results (read:  I hope I can do this without screwing up.).  So wish me luck and until next time,

blessings and happiness,


  1. i love this/great for a banner & cards!
    i feel so welcome here. :)

  2. Wow! You're really moving along. Quick learner you are. Love the gypsy wagon. The lettering is gorgeous! congrats on all your achievements.

  3. oh, thank you. I truly cherish your encouragement. Taking this dive into the big pool is definitely easier when I know others are cheering me on.