03 September 2010


Dearest readers, before I begin I must share that my eyes are filled with tears as I read all the kind and loving words of encouragement you have blessed me with.  But none more so, than the truly special words from Mr. Anonymous -- my faraway Rob.  He is currently out of the country on one of his many foreign travels and I am brought to tears by the love that has reached so far across our planet to me today.  :)

So today I was reflecting on what a treasure I have in my family and thought I'd share some photos from much earlier in the summer.  I had just gotten my new camera and was still learning how to use it
and what it ( or I ) was capable of. 

I was spending a peaceful, quiet morning in the park with young Sean.  His sisters were otherwise engaged (taking a fun painting class from a friend of mine) so we had some time together just the two of us. 

Seany loves to swing.  At home he'll go out in the yard and sit quietly and swing and swing and swing -- all by himself -- just really peaceful, and hum or sing to himself.  Those moments are so precious (read: valuable) aren't they?

Those first warm May days of summer seem so long ago now.  Here we are in September!  And Fall is just around the corner.  I do really enjoy Fall:  the color, the cooler air, the crisp newness in how I see the world, the distant beckoning of holidays and family celebrations...

But for now, summer is still holding on, not wanting to go away quite yet.  Still turning tomatoes and peppers in our garden red, still making me wish there was shade at soccer games, still causing me to squint in her bright afternoon light as I wait for the children after school. 


So I leave you until next time when I'm hoping to share something I'm really excited about.  So many new ideas and creative thoughts have been spinning in my little noggin since the creation of these gypsy-girl paintings (what should I call her?).  Any way, I'm hoping to get a clearer vision of where
she will lead me on this artful journey and am hoping
you will come along on the caravan ride. 

blessings and happiness,

1 comment:

  1. What a lovely day in the park! Blissful.

    I'm excited for you to have news you are excited about and even more excited you are going to share it! That's a lot of excitement!

    How about naming your Little Gypsy "Liberty"?
    Freedom translated to French is liberté
    She seems like she is very free!
    She has granted herself the freedom to express, the freedom to live, to be vibrant. She seems to represent freedom to be herself ;)

    Just a suggestion