16 September 2010

field trip

So yesterday I spent the morning volunteering in the school library, which is so fun.  I help with checking books in and out, reshelving books and I even get to read to one of the classes that comes in.  I've always loved books, so helping in the library is a treat for me. 

Then I spent the second half of the day with Sean's kindergarten class on their first field trip:  apple picking.  They went to a small, local, family owned orchard and farm.  The children got to visit some of the farm animals, go on a wagon ride, pick apples, sample apple cider and play in an outdoor play area.  You can imagine how much fun they had.  However, by the end of the afternoon, we grownups were more worn out than the children!

waiting for the cows to come home...

Now, I should be able to proudly tell you the wafting aroma of fresh baked apples and cinnamon is filling the house this morning, but alas, I am not known for my cooking or baking skills.  However, I can say there were fresh picked apples in the children's lunches this morning.  :) 

An empty pantry is reminding me, man can not live on apples alone, so I am off to the commissary in the hopes that some other form of culinary delight will be upon the table later today.  As always, I wish you...

blessings and happiness,

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