28 September 2010

trinkets and treasures

Well, I have good news and bad news.  The good news is Saturday morning, the girls and I went to Strangefolk and it was awesome!  The bad news is I forgot my camera at home!  Ughh!  So, all I can show you is pictures of our trinkets and treasures.  Brenna picked out a peace necklace (her favorite color is turpuise) and a bottlecap magnet pendant (...and she loves horses).  Brooke picked out the little ceramic bird and flower hair pin, which are so her.

We had a great morning purusing the many artfully decorated vendor booths.  The weather was glorious.  We spent our money wisely.  We casually strolled and enjoyed looking at every booth.  We made sure to stop and see the llamas.  And we even got done early to make it to Sean's party in plenty of time.  
It was just a fabulous day. 

And what can make going to an art festival even more fabulous?  Stumbling upon this: 

That's right, gorgeous, lovely, vibrant, needing a new home, hand-dyed yarn.   =)

These fabulous creations are the work of talented local artist, Rachel Kluesner, of dyeabolical yarns.  I wish, wish, wish I had had my camera so I could show you her beautiful, bountiful booth.  As soon as we came upon it, the girls knew I'd be buying something.  They are sooo awesome.  They helped me choose colors  -- which believe me was not easy.  They are such great shopping companions!

I'm hoping this silver/grey yarn will eventually become this...

I also found some colorful hand-dyed batiks and got myself a fun bias cut skirt, worn here by the lovely Ethyl.  (Did I ever tell you I named her Ethyl for Lucy and Ethyl?  I need to get some of those old shows.  Those two crazies were always getting into some sort of trouble...)

I just really loved this bird.  To me, it just seems to be so free and full of joy -- just what I want to be. 

The girls were so patient while I debated between this one and two other skirts.  But I kept coming back to this happy bird. I told you they were great shopping companions, right?  These batiks are made by super nice and talented, Kristen Fox, of stellar batik

Some day (maybe next year?)  I'd like to be one of the vendors at Strangefolk.  I know it will be a great deal of work, but I imagine it must be great fun, too.  And while I'm thinking of dreams and wishes and hopes for the future, I'll leave you with this happy thought...

blessings and happiness,

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  1. hello pretty butterfly!
    love that bird too
    & all your yarn finds!
    love it all. xox