22 September 2010

making progress

Well, I'm making enough progress that I needed to wind a new ball of yarn yesterday to continue the sock yarn shawl.  I'm working with 3 yarns now (one of the original 2, plus 2 new ones).  I don't have enough of it with the new yarns knitted up yet for a good picture, but I'll keep you posted on how it looks.

On another note, today Seany is turning 6.  It is a big day for him.  He has been counting down the days.  Yesterday we took him out to dinner including ice cream for dessert.  Today I took cookies and juice boxes in to his class for afternoon snack.  This evening at home he'll be opening family presents and then the actual party with all his friends will be Saturday.  He's been anxiously awaiting his special day and was all smiles going to school this morning.  In the car he was chanting, "I'm the birthday boy, I'm the birthday boy!" 

How precious.  I wish I still had the innnocence to actually look forward to and enjoy my birthday, as much as a child does.  Why do I look at it with dread, instead of the joy of another year of life? 
When I grow up, I want to be more like a little kid...

blessings and happiness,

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