her creations

Thank you for joining me on my artful journey.  My art reflects a sense of lilting happiness, rustic charm, and childlike whimsy.  I hope that it leaves you with a sense of joy, freedom, and peace. 

The childlike forms and folk simplicity of my paintings and mixed media drawings can be seen in my gypsy-girl works.  She reflects a carefree spirit and cheerfulness that enables her to cherish and savor the simple moments life.  Always conveying a message of love, her joyful nature is expressed through whimsy and innocence. 

Having grown up on a farm, traditional rural life and landscapes have deep meaning for me.  I try to capture this iconic sense of americana in a painted series called the barns.  To me they're monuments of simpler, innocent times.  Capturing them in bright, vivid colors gives them a sense of new life and felicity.

Even in my fiber and fabric creations, like primitive stuffed dolls, simple materials like vintage linens and buttons have a charming rustic quality.  Whether as a display piece in your home or studio, or as a playmate for a child, they're cheerful companions for the child in all of us.

Having virtually no formal art training, I continue to discover who I am as an artist.  One day I may be painting and the next gathering fabric and notions for some new creation.  As my artful journey leads me down new paths and wanderings, I look forward to sharing all my discoveries and creations with you.  So as the gypsy wagon rolls on, I thank you for visiting and wish you...

blessings and happiness,