31 August 2011

getting into the swing

Well, I think we're finally getting into the swing of things around here and things are going very well.  The last two weeks of August were busy with us celebrating Brooke's birthday on the 20th with a big slumber party, and then there was the back to school shopping, and enjoying one last leisurely trip to the library.  The children are in their second week of school and we're all sailing along smoothly now.

The children are all doing well and are happy with their teachers.  Brenna is in 8th grade (I can't believe it!), Brooke is in 6th, and Sean is in 1st.  I'm still volunteering in the library this year, in fact today is my first day.  And...even bigger news, I have been asked to teach art this year!  Yay!  I will be teaching art to 4th grade and 6th grade.  

Monday was my first day with art and I think it went really well.  I'm so excited and know it will be a fun year.  What a fun way for me to help at school, do something I love and pass on that joy to a room full of eager kids!

Brooke and Sean are still humming along smoothly with soccer and football.  (You should see all those 5 & 6 year old boys running around in their helmets and pads!  So cute!)  Their first games start next week.  Brenna was supposed to be playing soccer in the same league as Brooke, but they didn't have enough 8th grade girls to form a team, so now we are checking into an indoor league for her.

I've still been knitting up a storm and am also itching to paint.  I have a big 36 x 36 canvas waiting for me.  I haven't painted in a while and I'm really looking forward to sitting down and enjoying some time in my studio. 

  All in all, I'm happy and we're blessed.  I hope you are, too.

blessings and happiness,


16 August 2011

school girl scarves

So here they are!  The scarves I knit up for my two school girls to wear this year.  It was so refreshing to knit a couple of quick and easy projects after I spent such a long time on that summer shawl.  I didn't even use a pattern -- just seed stitch with some random drop stitches thrown in to make it a little interesting. 

The blue and green one is Brooke's. 

And the pink and orange one is Brenna's.

I bought this beautiful Noro yarn on our most recent trip to Louisville.  When I go home I always try to visit our local yarn shop, Friends and Fiber in LaGrange, KY.  The yarn is called Taiyo and is a soft and squishy combination of cotton, silk, wool and nylon.  Just enough wool to make it warm, enough silk to make it special and enough cotton so it won't be scratchy.  And of course Noro is famous for its explosion of vibrant cascading colors.  Who wouldn't want to wear such a happy scarf to stay cozy on a blustery day?

Now I'm working on a cowl for myself.  Hopefully, I will be sharing that soon.  In the mean time the school year schedule is starting to pick up.  The children start on Friday and we are already beginning the plate spinning orchestration of football and soccer practices and games.  Praise God I have the comforting solace of knitting to keep me sane and my family warm and toasty.

blessings and happiness,

09 August 2011

summer shawl

I recently bought this beautiful book and found a pattern for a lovely summer shawl.  I've been working on it most of the summer and finally finished it.

The book is a collection of Vogue patterns, so of course they're all beautiful.  I knitted my shawl with Dream in Colors' baby lace weight 100% Australian merino wool in Sour Pear.  Isn't that a pretty name for a summer yarn?

I find myself knitting a lot lately.    It's hard not to be insprired by beautiful knitting books and lovely yarn.  As soon as I finished this shawl, I cast on for a new scarf I'm knitting for Brooke for school this year.  More on that next time.

blessings and happiness,

03 August 2011


Wow, what a full summer it has been.  I have enjoyed our lazy quiet days so much, but there have also been busy, crazy days, too.  We have enjoyed many trips to the libray, cookouts, bike rides without training wheels, lost teeth, trips to Kentucky, South Carolina, horse camps, football camps, knitting shawls, planting trees, more trips to the library, more cookouts and one last trip to Grama's house.

Now we are barely two weeks away from school starting and I am not wanting to see summer come to a close.  I never am.  It's hard to start school when it still looks and feels like summer outside.  I wish we didn't have to start til after Labor Day. 

School starting means a few new beginnings for us this year (Sean starting football and me teaching art at school), as well as continuing some standard favorites (the girls both playing soccer, and me working in the library at school).

There are a few things I'd like to make more time for once the kids are back in school, mainly, painting, writing and knitting, oh, and hopefully, blogging.    :)

I hope you've been enjoying your summer with many
blessings and happiness,