03 August 2011


Wow, what a full summer it has been.  I have enjoyed our lazy quiet days so much, but there have also been busy, crazy days, too.  We have enjoyed many trips to the libray, cookouts, bike rides without training wheels, lost teeth, trips to Kentucky, South Carolina, horse camps, football camps, knitting shawls, planting trees, more trips to the library, more cookouts and one last trip to Grama's house.

Now we are barely two weeks away from school starting and I am not wanting to see summer come to a close.  I never am.  It's hard to start school when it still looks and feels like summer outside.  I wish we didn't have to start til after Labor Day. 

School starting means a few new beginnings for us this year (Sean starting football and me teaching art at school), as well as continuing some standard favorites (the girls both playing soccer, and me working in the library at school).

There are a few things I'd like to make more time for once the kids are back in school, mainly, painting, writing and knitting, oh, and hopefully, blogging.    :)

I hope you've been enjoying your summer with many
blessings and happiness,


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