24 September 2010

looking forward to strange things....

I am happily looking forward to strange things this weekend.  After a crazy busy week, and unfortunately an equally crazy busy weekend (Sean's birthday party, soccer games, sleepovers, a ladies bunco party, church, more soccer...) I'm really excited to squeeze in a trip to the Strangefolk Art Festival tomorrow morning.  And I do mean squeeze in.  I am planning on getting there as soon as it opens and stay until the last possible moment before Sean's party. 

Strangefolk is an amazing little art festival of indie artists and crafts people.  Fine arts show it is not.  More of a cool Portland Saturday Morning Market kind of vibe.  Upcycled, recycled, handmade, vintage, retro, eco-friendly ... Strangefolk has it all.  Including indie music acts, art activities for the kiddos, food vendors, a "writer's block" corner for indie authors, even an upcycle exchange where you can donate used/leftover art supplies to the vendors. 

It is held in a beautiful shaded park near where I live and this will be the third year I have gone.  The only bad thing is, this is the first year I won't have the whole day to just take my time and meander with no particular place to go and no hurry to get there.  In any event,  I'll have camera and cash in hand.  I'm confident I'll have all sorts of treasures and trinkets to share with you next time.  If you're in the area, check out their website and come by. 
Hoping you enjoy a happy (not hectic) weekend...

blessings and happiness,

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