30 September 2010

going to the farm ... soon

ahhh, the cool refreshing days of fall... 
There's a soft breeze blowing this morning and the air is laden with the freshness of fall.  It's as if the bluegrass of Kentucky is calling on the breeze for me to please hurry up and come home soon. 

The farmer across the street from our house is harvesting his corn today.  The sun is shining brilliantly, making the mums and freshly mowed lawns look even more inviting.  What a lovely walk Migo and I had through the neighborhood this morning.  All the sights and sounds of the morning are reminding me of what a glorious time of year it is to visit the farm. 

We are planning a visit soon and I can't wait, wait, wait!

In the summer it's the cicadas and kill-deer calling to each other in the open fields, the intoxicating fragrance of wild honeysuckle, the sweet musk of hay and old barn wood, the distant sounds of horses at pasture, and lilting butterflies virtually unaware of the oppressive heat as they frolic among the Queeen Anne's Lace and Chicorey...

But in the fall, there's a different feeling.  Trees rustle and wave their branches to each other, while their leaves laugh and sing as they float happily down.  The sun sparkles and dances on the pond, as visiting geese feed and rest on their way to milder climes, and the coolness of the air beckons us to leave the protection of the porch and come take a stroll and enjoy the newness of the season. 

Some things are the same.  Like Mom's coffee cake, the children going for adventures in the woods, strolls down the gravel driveway, and time spent at a slower pace just cherishing each precious moment of peace. 

This is what I treasure and what I look forward to when I go home.  There's no other place like on it earth.  Today I wish you peace and the time to cherish a piece of your world today.

blessings and happiness,


  1. sounds dreamy and relaxing

  2. i'm so w/you!
    i can't believe
    leaves are already
    crunching under my feet.