04 October 2010

playing with pictures

Over the weekend, the children and I went outside in the yard late one afternoon to enjoy the quietness of the day.  I noticed our angel trumpet tree had some new blooms and I thought it would be a good opportunity to experiment with the camera and take a few pictures.  So here is a little of what our yard and garden have on display.

This beautiful oak tree shades our whole yard.  Unfortunately, the utility company came by recently and butchered the whole street side of it.  You used to not be able to see through this tree.  They cut every branch off the street side of it.  I mean they cut all the way to the trunk.  It's so sad.  I hate it when they do that to trees. 

This year when we planted the garden, I decided to put the lavendar in front of the house on either side of the garage.  It really took over the garden last year, and although I love it, we wanted to have more room for the tomatoes and peppers.  But it would not be denied, and it grew back on its own, any way.

I think this picture turned out pretty cool.  I love how the sun was shining through the leaves and kind of created a little sunburst flower in the image.  

  hoping you get to enjoy some quiet moments and that your day is filled with
blessings and happiness,

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