18 October 2010

oh, happy day

Good news!

A friend of mine has invited me to be one of several local artists that she is going to feature at her annual Christmas open house.  I'm looking forward to it and need to start getting creative and productive around here, so I'll have plenty of work to showcase. 

I think I'm going to feature these mixed media gypsy-girl works as prints and blank greeting cards.  I'll also have the originals and my canvases for sale.  I'm sure the primitive dolls should do well, since it will be before Christmas and people will be thinking about their children and grandchildren.  But I also need to come up with a few new things -- so we'll see what creative ideas I'm inspired with!  

Wish me luck!
blessings and happiness,


1 comment:

  1. congratulations!!!
    & i join you with
    my praising breath!