28 October 2010

a time to create

Well, there was a lot of creating going on here yesterday.  Remember when I mentioned I'd be making some new things for my friend's open house?  Well,  here is one of a few new ideas that's been floating around in my noggin. 
They're felted wool cuff bracelets.

They start out as poor, pitiful, homeless wool sweaters (actually, a couple are cashmere and lambswool, one is virgin alpaca and virgin merino!).  Then they find a new life after being lovingly felted in my washing machine and dryer.  I cut the sleeves off in strips, because after felting they are just the right size to make a nice cuff bracelet. 
Talk about upcycling!

I do a little of this...

and they turn into this...

I know they may not suit every one's style, but I think they're fun and funky and cute!  Not only did I recycle/upcycle the sweaters, but I also used vintage buttons, and little scrips and scraps of left over fabrics and other tidbits.  And don't worry, I've got plans for the rest of the sweaters, too. 

Hope you're having fun being creative today, too!
blessings and happiness,


  1. what a neat idea! i think they're great :)