12 October 2010

a relaxing weekend

Well, it was another pleasantly peaceful weekend on the farm. 

Tire swings, tree climbing, and tractor rides were on the agenda for the children.  They also made an interesting and mysterious discovery in the woods (more on that later). 

Fairy houses were built with great care.

We took a leisurely walk or two, watched a little football, did a little knitting, laughed a lot, cooked even more -- Rob commented that naps were necessary in order to prepare for the next hearty homemade meal.  We played hide and seek in the barn, went on trail rides, visited the local farmer's market and main street shops, reflected on old memories
and maybe created a few new ones, too.

Despite the draught like conditions Kentucky has been enduring for the past couple of months, mother nature didn't disappoint us -- there was still brilliant color to be seen everywhere.  And as always, early morning's long shadows unveiled the black board fenced pastures, home to Kentucky's dearest treasure, her humble hero, the horse.

Hoping your day is filled with 
blessings and happiness,

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