25 October 2010

live life

This painting goes hand in hand with my prayer journal entry from this morning.  The scripture verse was: I have come that they may have life and have it to the full.  John 10:10.

It made me think about how I hold myself back from fully embracing life sometimes, because of what people may say or think of me.  It made me realize, I need to get out and live life!  And enjoy it!  And not worry about embarrassing myself. 

Like a few weeks ago, at Brooke's soccer practice after they were done running and doing drills and exercises, just for fun, the coach invited the parents to play a scrimmage game against the girls.  What fun!  I wanted to play, but I thought, I'm out of shape, I'm not strong and fit, what will people say?  But, Brooke wanted me to play, and I wanted to play, and finally, I was like... Ok, I'm just going to do it! 

Let me tell you, I had fun!  I was breathing hard, and tired, but I had fun.  I would have missed out on that JOY, if I had listened to the negative voice in my head, instead of the, "hey, go out there and have fun!", voice.

So, here's a reminder to me (and all of us) to seize the day and get our feet wet and allow ourselves to have a great, big helping of JOY!

blessings and happiness
and JOY!

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  1. spllllllaaaaaaaash!
    i'm right with you, Beautiful!