06 October 2010

remember this sentiment?

A week or so ago, I wrote a post about how Sean was looking forward to his birthday with so much anticipation.  I lamented how as a grownup, I have failed to look forward to my birthdays with as much joy (at least as I got further and further from 20, and closer and closer to 40).  I have purposed in my heart that that will no longer be the case.  I am going to enjoy each and every day of life. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm very happy with my life and very thankful for all my blessings, but I think sometimes we as grownups get bogged down with the burden of our responsibilities, our schedules, our chores... 

I want to start living life a little more vicariously and with a little more humor.  So when my next birthday comes around, I'm going to celebrate it with a happy heart and allow myself to revel in some childlike joy.  (I mean why do we make ourselves feel guilty about eating our own birthday cake?  Just enjoy it!)

So, here's some art designed to remind me that it's ok to enjoy the simple things and if that means blowing a few bubbles, that's ok.

I'm going to start seeing the world through the wonder-filled eyes of a child more often.  I think I'll be a happier, more grateful person.  I think I'll treasure the little victories more and not be so worried about things I can't control any way.  Today I am wishing you a day of childlike wonder and innocence filled with

blessings and happiness,

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