01 November 2010

it's finished! ... x3

Three finished projects in one weekend!  Wow.  I'm so proud of myself.  I finally finished the sock yarn shawl I started a while back.  I think it turned out pretty nice.  I was originally planning on keeping it for myself, but now I think I may sell it at the open house coming up.

I also cast on and finished two cowls.  I was really pleased with how quickly these knit up -- I got two done, so it's definitely an easy, sit-and-watch-football weekend project.

The cowl pattern is written by my friend Madeline from Knit One Weave Too.  It was designed to be knitted with a chunky weight yarn, but I had all these awesome sock yarns to use up, so I knitted them with the yarn doubled.  It's a very forgiving pattern size wise, since  you just pull it over your head, and it will stretch because of the give in the cables.

The second cowl was a finer weight sock yarn.  I used the same amount of stitches so it has a little less body, more lacy, but still works just as well.  I think these will be nice to throw on this winter, when I don't feel like dealing with a whole scarf.  I'm not a fan of turtle necks (they always make me feel confined).  But a cowl is nice, because it still keeps me warm, but has more ease to the way it fits.

By the way, what do you think of Ethyl's new look for fall?

I got inspired by some photos of a yarn shop posted by Christine of lavender and limes.  They had opened some hanks of yarn and just thrown them around the dress form's neck.  I thought it was clever and I think Ethyl pulls it off quit nicely.

as always, I wish you...
blessings and happiness,

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  1. They're all gorgeous, but I especially like the lavender cowl. I think I need to make one for myself!