03 November 2010

festooned with flowers

In an effort to continue creating new things for the Christmas open house, I made some winter flowers.  They're meant to be hung as ornaments on the Christmas tree, but here they're festooning Ethyl's new companion.  (I haven't named her yet.)

I made them from hand knitted flowers, felted flowers (from the recycled sweaters), odd bits of fabric, lace, vintage doilies and vintage buttons.  I decided to keep the color palette whites, creams and silvers, wanting them to look like snowflakes once they're on a tree with lights and tinsel.

The assembling and hand sewing are a bit time intensive, so there are only about 20 or so.  I may do another batch later, but this is what I got done yesterday. 

I have a few more ideas still floating in my noggin to keep me busy for a while.  So, as new things come to life, I'll keep sharing them with you. 

By the way, thank you so much for your kind words, encouragement and feedback.  It's a blessing to receive input from such admirable artists.  I treasure each and every comment you leave. 

blessings and happiness,


  1. i looooove these on ethyl!!
    they are beautiful!!

  2. Athena!!! Your blog is beautiful! These flowers are stunning and reflect your beauty. Katie Goossen and I (Holly Young) are sitting here drooling over them. We love you!