13 November 2010

christmas cheer

Yesterday I got the itch to make some new gypsy girl drawings.  And this is what I came up with.  I know it's not even Thanksgiving yet, but I couldn't help it.  (It always annoys me when stores put out the Easter decorations and bathing suits the day after Christmas!) In any event, it's a happy sentiment and will make a nice Christmas card.  I think I'll have a series of these to package as Christmas cards for the open house.  And some of the others I've done in the past, will make nice all occasion/blank cards.

It's definitely not winter yet, but it has been a blustery (and chilly) day today.  The trees are all a little more bald than they were a few days ago.  The children and I are enjoying just staying at home today.  They're out playing in the fort, watching leaves fall, and playing soccer.  It'll probably be a good night for watching movies, eating popcorn and drinking hot chocolate. 
Mmmm ... the warm, reassuring comforts of the season...

wishing you a cozy, comfortable and quiet Saturday filled with...

blessings and happiness,

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