17 November 2010

learning to knit

Knitting with the 4th grade went well today  -- better than I had expected actually.  The children (even the boys!) were sincerely interested in learning. 

I had a handout that taught a little bit about the process of fleece being turned into yarn and a word search, too.  The teacher and I split them into groups and they took turns sitting with  me learning to knit.  I also took samples of different types of fibers for them to look at and touch.  I think they quite enjoyed it.  Many of them wanted to keep their fledgling projects to continue working on.

Some were more successful than others...

But the real success was in exposing them to something new and giving them an appreciation for the needle arts.  It was a blessing to see little minds and little hands working together to learn a new skill.  What a treasure our children are! 

Thankful for the opportunity to sow into these young lives, and wishing you...

blessings and happiness,

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