10 September 2010

rainy day

Well, I am enjoying a beautiful, quiet, rainy day today.  It's been raining steadily since last night and there's just a fresh, wet, quiet peacefulness in the air today.  So I took a walk through my neighborhood and garden this morning and thought I'd share some of what I saw with you.

As you can see, summer's blooms and blossoms are still to be found, but the colors of fall are also starting to make their appearances.  This is the time of year when days are still warm and sunny, but the mornings begin to carry the first wafts of fall's fragrance and chill. 

I actually enjoy rainy days.  I guess they make me slow down and savor the sounds of trickling water and puddles splashing.  It's a good day to be still and reflect and enjoy the beauty and miracle of the change of seasons.  I hope you get to slow down and see some miracles in your day today, too.

blessings and happiness,

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