30 August 2010

new paintings

Remember when I shared this with you the other day?  Well, this is one of six paintings I worked on last week.  Remember how I was telling you they're so different from other things I've done up to now?  You'll have to tell me what you think of her, and whether she should keep coming to life in future paintings.  I'm hoping you can read the words, but if not this one's called, "she always loved the smell of rain".

Don't you just love the fresh, cool smell of rain?  Sometimes you can smell it in the air, before it even starts raining.  And around here, where summers can have oppressive heat and humidity, the smell of rain is always good news!


The girl in this painting is sooo my daughter, Brooke.  From the day that girl was born, she's had a smile on her face.  She is totally, completely, and eternally full of joy...  She's a constant reminder that,
"a cheerful heart fills the day with song".

The last one I'll share for today was inspired by an art journal page I did sometime last year.  I was contemplating how to be happy.  And I thought, if I just plant my "happy seeds" (regardless of how I may feel at the time), and just be thankful for the simple things -- my day to day blessings -- and pray for God's peace, He'll send the blessings. 
All I have to do is just plant the seeds,
He'll do the rest.

So, this painting is kind of about hope.  Hope that the future always holds a promise of something good to come. 

Like the seasons of the year.  I'm not a big fan of winter, the bitter cold and ice storms and seemingly eternal grey skies, but I get through it by remembering there's always the promise of spring.  

These paintings give me a sense of hope, expectancy, empowerment, and joy. 
I hope they bring you some joy too.    :)

blessings and happiness,


  1. these are SOOO sweet!
    love them & all you
    are watering here!

  2. Absolutely keep them coming! They're fabulous! Made me smile (and I'm having a painfully crummy day so that was no small feat).
    Thanks for sharing and giving me a sunny spot in my day :)