25 August 2010

happy art, rustic charm

So here I am finally sharing some of my work with you.  This is a series of paintings I did a few weeks back.  I really like them and plan to do more.  (By the way,  what do you think of this as a tag line:  happy art, rustic charm?  I'm still thinking about it...)

I'm a fan of old barns.  I don't know if it's because I grew up in the country, or if it's because they're such a nostalgic and iconic symbol of what's true, and pure, and good in America.  They're just wholesome, and kind of give me a reassuring feeling. 

I love bright, happy color too, so my skies aren't always blue, and I don't paint everything literally.  I like to express what I see through rose-colored glasses.  You know?  Just make everything full of joy.

I also love the fact that there's so many different kinds of barns:  tobacco barns, dairy barns, horse stables...

If this last one looks familiar, it's because it's based on the barn from the farm where I grew up.  This was actually originally a cattle barn, but we used it for horses, cows, and during the winter, we made up a special little area for the ducks. 

This came about because the winters were just too hard on them out by the pond.  But mostly for their safety.  The pond would freeze almost every year, and one year a neighbor's dog figured the ducks were a lot easier to catch when they couldn't swim away.  Not a good thing for the ducks.

So...we instituted annual Duck-catching Day.  You can only imagine what a spectacle that was!  Oh, did we have fun trying to round up those ducks!  But once we did, they were quite content with their winter accomodations. 

Can you tell purple is my favorite color?  I'm pretty sure I use it too much, but I just can't tear myself away from it!

So I come home from the art supply store the other day ready to paint, but what comes out of my brush is so different from these.  More whimsical, with words, and  a little happy girl (woman?) having these little adventures.  I'm excited to show them to you, but they're not done yet. 

But here's the thing, I'm wondering, "Is it ok that my art isn't always the same?".  I'm like having self-doubt, because I know I need to establish some sort of consistent style, but I just really felt inspired with these images yesterday.  When you see them, you'll have to let me know what you think.

Now it's back to the paints and brushes...

blessings and happiness,

1 comment:

  1. I'm totally diggin' your barns!
    You know, I struggle with the same question with art. Think I need a theme or something. Know what? It has to be an individual thing.
    Some people have a theme or recurring style one can recognize. That's nice and I like the comfort in that.
    On the other hand, I really respect artists who throw it all out there and I find it refreshing. Love that they do whatever comes to them whenever.
    Can't wait to see the next set of images!