18 August 2010

road to the farm

Well, today I thought I'd share another window into what makes me who I am.  I've learned that all our experiences in life (the good and the bad) make us who we are.  One of the most influential experiences in my life is having grown up in Kentucky on a farm.  It is still a place that brings me great joy. 

Loading everyone up in the car and hitting the road to go home to the bluegrass state for a visit on the farm is an occassion anticipated by all around here.  Partly because it's such a quiet, peaceful place to just relax, and partly because my children LOVE seeing Grama and PawPaw, and Aunt Pam and Uncle Peter.  (I'm sure my Moms amazing cooking doesn't hurt either!)

the barn where we raised horses, cows, and one faithful barn cat, and is now occupied by several families of very helpful barn swallows

I spent many a hot humid afternoon perched on the sill of this old door contemplating life, listening to the cicadas, watching the horses graze, and smelling the wonder in a summer breeze

Today this place holds cherished memories for my children who find happiness the same way I did:  picking wildflowers, discovering frogs and turtles in the woods, climbing trees, swinging on the tire swing...

You know how people say "all roads lead home"?  Well, at the end of the day, my road home always leads to the farm.

blessings and happiness,

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  1. What an inspiring place to grow up! You have a lovely blog start....keep it up my artist friend.