20 August 2010

memories of summer

Well, although it's another beautiful summer day outside today, summer vacation has sadly drawn to a close.  School days have begun again.  Today was the first day of school.  Although that brings it's own joys (more on that next time), I thought I'd reflect on some of the awesome things we got to see and do this summer.  


We had quit a few adventures this summer.  We spent Memorial Day and the Fourth of July on the farm, Brenna got to go to horse camp, Brooke spent a week with my in-laws in South Carolina, and all 3 of the children spent 2 fun-filled weeks with Grama and PawPaw, while Rob and I went on a long-awaited trip to the Pacific Northwest.

I had never been to the Pacific Northwest before, and have always wanted to go.  It totally lived up to all my expectations.  It is sooo beautiful.  Living in the midwest (where it's mainly flat and the only scenery is corn and soybean fields), you really appreciate the beauty of God's creation when you see something like Haystack Rock or Mt. Ranier or the Columbia River Gorge and all its waterfalls.  Everywhere we went, I was just in awe.

We spent time in Seattle, WA, Portland, Or, and a day visiting the Oregon coast. 

Of course, one of the highlights of Seattle was Pike Place Market.  I was in awe of the unending variety of fruits and vegetables -- way better than anything we find around here!  I could not believe the huuuge bouquets of flowers that were so gorgeous!  And I'm not talking about baby's breath and carnations.  We're talking lilies, sunflowers, roses and flowers that I didn't even recognize!  What would cost me like $60 around here, was $10 or $15 in the market!

The vendors were all sooo nice and would give you samples of everything from smoked salmon jerky to white peaches to Mt. Ranier firebush honey...

Rob and I went hiking, saw waterfalls, kayaked in Elliot Bay, road bikes in Portland, and, a lucky happenstance for Rob:  we got to Portland the same weekend as their brewer's festival! 

I could go on and on about what fun we had.  Going on all these adventures together was such a blessing (thanks Mom for watching the kids)! It reminded me of how much I cherish my Rob.  He truly is my best friend. 

Now that we're back to "real life" and I'm busy packing lunches and going to soccer games and guitar lessons, it's nice to know there's always another adventure waiting.  The adventure of raising a family, making art, paying the bills, and all along the way, knowing we're doing it together.

blessings and happiness,

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