17 August 2010

dipping my toe in the pool

Good morning world.   :)   

You know how you feel when you really want to jump in the pool and have fun with everybody else, but you're afraid the water is super cold?  You know you should jump in and just get it over with, but sometimes you're like, "I think I'm just going to dangle my feet in the water for a minute first.  Get a feel for it.  Enjoy watching everyone else.  Then I'll get brave and jump in."

Well, this is me dipping my toe in the pool.  Only it feels like the Pacific Ocean and not just a swimming pool.  I know oceans have sharks and jellyfish and other things that might not be so nice, but today I'm going to be brave.  I'm going to think about the sun shining, and happy things like seahorses and starfish.  And to look forward to the possibilities of what I might discover and to the journey.

So, here it goes...  I thought maybe rather than telling everything about me in one post, it might make more sense to show you a little window into my world.  That maybe that would give you a better idea of who I am.  So here's a little window into my world today:

blessings and happiness...

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