27 August 2010

while we are waiting...

While we are waiting for my lovely new paintings to finish being painted, I wanted to share with you some art of a different kind. 

Kindergarten art!! 

I don't know about you, but the innocence and freedom of how children express themselves through art always cheers me and gives me new hope in the world and humankind.  Doesn't it just always make you smile?

So today for your viewing pleasure, I am showcasing some of the work of Seany's Kindergarten Class proudly on display in the hall outside their classroom.  I was so impressed by their colors and beauty, that I just had to capture them for you to enjoy, too.

My assumption is that the teacher asked the children to create self-portraits.  Or maybe not, maybe she just let them do whatever they wanted to.  They made these on the first day of school and I've been admiring them every morning when I take Sean to class. I absolutely love them!  Don't you?

I couldn't share all of them, but these were my favorites.  I love how you can see little suns and flowers and hearts and fingers and toes and ears...  They're all so unique.  What fun it must be to be a kindergarten teacher. 

And of course, my favorite is the one Sean made...

I'm hoping my next post will showcase my new art for you.  So in the mean time, here's a little preview of what's been coming out of my brush... 
Hope you like it.   :)

blessings and happiness,

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