23 August 2010

school days

School days have begun again.  It's sad, happy, unnerving and exciting all at the same time (and that's just me!).  This is the first year all 3 of the children are in school full time.  Up to now, the girls have been in school, but Sean has only had preschool twice a week.  This was his big year to start kindergarten!  He was very excited and proud to finally be going to the same school as his sisters. 

I so cherish having the children at home.  I have been so blessed to have been a stay-at-home mom all these years.  But I also feel happy for Sean that he finally gets to start a new and exciting part of his childhood.  He really feels like a big boy now.  This year promises to hold so many new experiences for him.

Not only is he going to learn letters, numbers and how to read, but he'll be making new friends and learning more about the world around him.  Rob even wants to sign him up for a kindergarten flag football league!  (Help me, Lord.)

The advent of all his excitement started a week or so ago when he lost his first tooth!  And a few days later he lost another one.  I had him call Daddy at work to share the good news, and I could hear Rob lamenting on the phone, "Oh, no, don't grow up, buddy..."

But, I guess there's nothing we can do about that.  That's just life:  one day you're bringing home a brand new baby and the next, he's loosing teeth and starting kindergarten. 

What's even more scarey is that his big sisters are now in 5th and 7th grades!  How did that happen?  In 2 years Brenna will be in high school! 

Well, any way, we're happy for all the changes around here.  I'm glad for new beginnings, because not only does it mean my children are on their way to discovering who they are and what they can be,
it means I get to spend more time making art!!

Now it's off to the art supply store!

blessings and happiness,

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  1. I wasn't really a "stay at home mom" until two years ago. Of course my art keeps me quite busy no though. I do love that I can show up for school lunches and see the ginormous smiles as I walk in. I love seeing them run off the bus. I love the stories they tell on eahc other. School is a wonderful, magical place for our children. And gives us just the right amount of hours to spread our wings, dream, and create. Cherish all the time.