09 February 2011

new yarn

Many things in life bring me great joy, and one of them is new yarn.  There's nothing quite like having a day to myself to go to my favorite yarn shop and indulge in new yarn.  You may recall I've had a sweater pattern that I've been wanting to make and just hadn't found the perfect yarn for.  So yesterday my good friend Madeline from Knit1WeaveToo helped me pick the perfect one. 

This is Cascade Yarn's Lana d'Oro -- and the name says it all -- wool of gold.  It's 50% wool, 50% alpaca (my favorite fiber!).  It's amazingly soft, and not too expensive.  I haven't cast on yet, and still need to do my gauge swatches, but I'm really looking forward to getting started. 

I chose kind of a loden green because it's kind of nuetral without being beige or grey, and I think it will look good with purple (which I wear a lot of).  It's tweedy, so hopefully that will prevent me from getting bored after 1,775 yards of knitting.  (I don't know about you, but knitting with a variegated or textured yarn always keeps me from getting bored with a project before it's done.  I'd go mad if I had to knit the whole thing with a completely monochromatic yarn!)

Although it's cold outside, it's quiet and warm inside (praise God) -- a hot cup of tea and it will be the perfect day to sit down and knit.  What are you creating today?

blessings and happiness,

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