17 February 2011

getting to work

I finally got to work on a project that's been waiting for me.  I am making a pair of curtain panels for a window in the master bath.  It's one of those big 46 x 46 windows right over the tub that builders are using these days.  Who wants a giant window right over the tub?  Any way, since it's a custom size, and I can't buy store-bought curtains the right size, I'm making my own.

This is a cream colored light weight upholstery/home decor fabric with beautiful embroidery in silver and a very pale lavender.  You can barely tell the difference, but the leaves are silver and the stems are lavender.

I'm definitely not an advanced seamstress, so I'm keeping it simple and making two panels that will hang from curtain rod clips.  Basically two lined rectangles.  Simple right?

measuring and pinning for the hems

I was doing great until (after it was too late), I discovered I didn't allow enough seam allowance of the liner fabric.  Basic sewing mistake #1!  I was so intent on measuring and doing math and adding seam allowances for the actual panel fabric, that I didn't take the same precaution for the liner.  Uggh.  I'm sure all you expert seamstresses (and my Mom) are just mortified.  Sorry.

Fortunately, it's a mistake that won't show and only I (and you) will know.  Tomorrow it's on to panel number 2 and then hopefully the installation so I can show you how they look hanging up.  :)

blessings and happiness,

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  1. way to seam your beauty into your everyday!
    this will be a shower to sing in! xox