11 February 2011

a good start

Yesterday after taking the children to school, I had a few brief errands to run, one of which was a trip to a local chocolate shop.  Well,  I don't know about you, but leaving a chocolate shop empty-handed is like leaving a yarn shop empty-handed -- not happening. 

So as a treat to myself (I rarely buy nice chocolate for myself) I bought a few truffles to enjoy at home.  As I cast on my new sweater, I sat back and relaxed and enjoyed a little peace and a little piece of chocolate.  I think it was a good way to start.   :)

Rob's due back from a trip later today, so I'm doing laundry and tidying things up a bit, but I'm definitely going to squeeze in some more time for knitting.  What are you making time for today?

blessings and happiness,

1 comment:

  1. what a perfect day! two of my favorite things: knitting and chocolate. have a lovely weekend! :)