05 February 2011

fresh start

I know it seems lame, but one of my favorite rooms in the new house (besides my art room) is the laundry room.  In our other house, the laundry room was very utilitarian.  You walked through it on the way from the garage to the kitchen and it had a wall of very sturdy wood shelves Rob built that became home to all sorts of things from pancake griddles to life jackets to paint.  So my old laundry room did not give me much of a chance to make it look cute or pretty.  And it definitely didn't motivate me to want to go get the laundry done!

So in this house it's been a blessing to have a little more "privacy" to make things pretty.  :)

It's funny how having a room that makes you feel happy or special makes you enjoy even doing your chores a little more. 

This little window makes me happy because the cafe curtains are actually kitchen towels that were hand-embroidered by my grandmother.  So it makes me feel like a little piece of history is here with me.  I never met her so the vintage linens I have of hers are very dear to me.

Even the vintage Dubl Handl washboard was used by my other grandmother.  Can you imagine what they would think of our modern washing machines and how easy our chores are today?

Thank God we don't have to do it this way any more.  I never realized it, but even my favorite apron pays homage to the laundresses of old. 

So as I begin with a fresh start looking forward to the future, I carry on thankful for my past and the little vintage pieces of it that surround me.  Maybe that's why I'm so drawn to vintage and antique things -- they're comforting and reassuring -- just the way I imagine my grandmothers would have been.

blessings and happiness,

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