06 December 2010

nothing like a good book

First off, I must say that had I had time, I could have made 3 or 4 more posts last week.  As it was, I was so busy spinning plates, I can't even remember what they all were.  I do know that out of desperation for a little stress relief, I went to my favorite local bookstore last Friday and bought 3 books!  Now that is big news for me, because although I love reading and love books, I generally don't get to indulge myself in  a new book, let alone 3!  Usually I settle for a super special magazine and buy books for the children. 

In any event, this book, The Gentle Art of Domesticity, caught my eye.  Believe it or not it was in the bargain section and I couldn't pass it up for $10!  I know people say you're not suppossed to judge a book by it's cover, but actually, that's the only way I judge a book.  And this one definitely spoke to me.  It's full of wonderful pictures like this...

and this...

and full of little bits of wisdom like this...

little luxuries are more conducive to sustained well-being and pleasure than big ones.....
The gentle arts offer such a wealth of little luxuries that it's not difficult to create a chain of small pleasures that link together to make a necklace of non-precious gems to adorn your life.  Pretty buttons, trimmings, ribbons, lovely yarn, half a yard of a beautiful fabric, a good novel or a book of poetry, a few squares of chocolate, a box of French macaroons -- all are strung on my personal necklace of luxuries.

Jane Brocket,  the Gentle Art of Domesticity

I certainly can't argue with that!  Maybe this idea of little luxuries is why buying a new book or a special skein of yarn is such a little treat that brings me such big JOY.  I wish you many precious necklaces filled with little luxuries that bring you big JOY, too.    :)

Next time I have BIG news to share.  And hopefully some good news too.  Until then,

blessings and happiness,

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