08 December 2010

cardmaking (... and BIG news!)

Whew!  One more big thing accomplished for the art show.  Yesterday and today were spent cardmaking and I feel such a sense of relief getting them done!  I don't know if this happens to you, but when I have big to-do-list things looming over my head, I just don't feel at peace til they're done.  Thank goodness this one is done and I think they turned out really nice.

I made two sets of "all occassion" blank cards and one set of blank Christmas cards.  Each set has 4 different prints from the gypsygirl drawings I've done. 

Another big accomplishment today was that I decided not to worry about building a trifold screen for the canvas paintings.  I'm just going to take a few of them and display them in a tabletop rack.  I decided the screen would be too much time, effort and money to expend, knowing that most people will be more interested in buying more affordable gifts. 

So for now the plan is have the following at the art show:  gypsygirl cards, the felted wool bracelets, the hand-knitted flower ornaments, the gift tag embellishments, the stuffed dolls, a few original canvas paintings, and a couple of handknitted shawls.  I think that's it.  Whew!

And hopefully I'll remember to take my camera so I can take pictures of everything to show you.  :)

Now, for the BIG news! 
da, da, da, da ....

Rob and I found a house we liked and put an offer in on it on Monday.    Our offer was accepted (small scream of excitement) and now we are officially on our way to moving into a new home.  I can't wait to show you pictures of it!  Any way, now (or least after the open house on Saturday) it's full steam ahead for packing, cleaning, decluttering, etc. so we can sell this house.  It's such a big chore, but we've already made a lot of progress. 

We are really excited about this move.  And I'm looking forward to telling you more about it, as things progress.  For now, thank you for always listening reading as I wish you

blessings and happiness,


  1. congratulations on your new home!!!
    & i adore your christmas cards!!!!!
    espec. "come let us adore him"...
    so inspired, dear one!!! xoxox

  2. lots of wonderful news! congrats and good luck with your show.

  3. thank you, ladies. ;)
    today I'm buying extra bags and tissue paper -- to wrap up all the goodies people will be buying (smile) -- and just getting everything together and thinking out how I'm going to merchandise everything.
    I went out and bought an extra folding table last night. I'm starting to get excited to see everything come together.
    Athena :)

  4. Mom,
    I'm soo glad you have been so sucessful with your blog and your art!I think it looks wonderful! I simply adore the gypsygirl christmas cards! they are one of my favs out of your art work! I'm soo glad you got the appliances you wanted! As you might say...
    Blessings and happiness,