10 December 2010

ready, set ...

What a day!  I'm exhausted.  I spent today setting up for tomorrow's open house (I guess I really shouldn't call it an art show).  My friend, Raenell is so gracious to include me in her little Christmas "boutique" open house.  This is the second year she's included me and I'm hoping we'll have an even better turn out.  I'm looking forward to seeing how everyone responds to my goodies this year.

She set me up in a great spot right next to her gorgeous Christmas tree.  The only bad thing is the photos look a bit dark because of the backlight from the windows.  Hopefully, the lighting (and my camera skills) will be better tomorrow and I'll be able to share some better photos in my next post.

Whew! Now it's off to the appliance store to put down a deposit on my AWESOME new kitchen appliances!!!  I guess I should tell you the house we're buying is new construction.    =)  
The builder is allowing us me to pick out all the kitchen appliances.  (Yippeeeee!)  So in addition to the appliances being installed, he also needs to finish installing the kitchen island and to build the deck.  Other than that the house is done and ready to go.  I'm sooo excited!  Can't wait to share photos with you...

until next time,

blessings and happiness,


  1. Congrats on all your wonderfully good news! Where do you get your prints and cards printed? They look great!

  2. believe it or not, all I did was go to Office Depot. I wanted to just print them myself at home, but my scanner seems to really distort the true shade of the water colors and with my digital camera, the off-white/creamy color of the paper doesn't give me the true white background I want.
    Apparently, the higher tech machines at Office Depot are able to produce a better print that's truer to the colors.
    thanks for asking, have a great weekend!