12 December 2010

nothing to do with art...

This post has absolutely nothing to do with art (or even life at home, or adventures), but I can't help it.  I just wanted to share.  I'm sooo excited about this!

My gorgeous, shiney, new, beautiful, stainless steel kitchen appliances!!!   This is my new stove, and yes, it has TWO ovens!!!  Ever since I started hosting Thanksgiving at our house each year, Mom and I quickly realized life (or at least Thanksgiving) would be sooo much eaiser with a wall of double ovens.  Well, now Thanksgiving will never be the same! 

My new kitchen doesn't have room for a wall of double ovens, so I figured I'd just get a regular stove like we've always had.  But when we went to the appliance store the other day and saw this, I think I actually started jumping up and down ... (I know ... Rob and the children were so embarrassed).  I didn't even know they made stoves with double ovens!  Yippeee!

My awesome dishwasher is the kind were the controls are on top of the door -- you can't even see them!  Also, it's suppossed to be super quiet.  :)

As you can see, the appliances are all by Frigidaire.  Apparently (I didn't know this), but it's important to have all your appliances from the same manufacturer because not all stainless steel has the same amount of sheen, the same style of handles, or even the same shade of silver.  Who knew?  So any how, once my heart was set on that oven, everything else fell into place. 

The fridge is ginormous and has the kind of freezer that's a drawer and the whole thing pulls out.  I've always prefered freezer-on-the-bottom fridges, but the one I have now is a door.  This will be sooo awesome, because with a drawer instead of a door (tongue twister), it will be less likely to get in the way.

All I can say is, I am sooo blessed!  God is giving me so much more than I could ask or think.  We had an "allowance" from the builder on how much we could spend on the appliances and that stove (although it was discounted because apparently there's a scratch on it -- on the side where it will never even be seen) put us over budget.  Just that one appliance ate up our whole allowance and then some! 
Scarey how expensive these things are. 

So, after the sales guy tells us the grand total, I tell Rob (who always stresses out about money), "I can live without these fancy-shmancy things.  We can just get what we can afford."  He's like, "Why?  So every time you walk in the kitchen you'll think about what you wish you had?  I want you to be happy." 
Isn't he awesome?!

So, Mom, I can't wait for you to come and see them in real life.  And next year's Thanksgiving will be something even the Barefoot Contessa would be envious of!

blessings and happiness,

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