19 December 2010

... and a partridge in a pear tree

Well, here it is Sunday and I'm finally posting about what went on last week!  My crazy week was spent ...

enjoying 2 quiet, peaceful snow days at home with the children,
taking Sean to St. Louis Children's Hospital to find out (short story) that he needs tubes in his ears,
getting a prescription (the same day) for double pink eye for the same little boy,
watching said boy shine as one of the little shepherd boys in the kindergarten Christmas pageant,

watching one little girl play piano in the 5th grade Christmas chapel service,

rummaging through boxes in the basement (not so much fun),
donating 5 car loads (so far) of things to Good Will (more fun),
taking pictures of the house for you :) ,

reading a thankfully refreshing book,

starting a new pair of socks,

going on two marathon Christmas shopping sprees...

and ...

listening for that melodically, merry partridge in a pear tree
and hoping his joyous song is bringing you

blessings and happiness,


  1. love how those socks are looking!!
    & much love to you from my willow
    to your pear tree! xoxox