15 December 2010

things to look forward to

Ok, I guess I can't procrastinate any longer.  I may as well get it over with...  (sigh)  My open house last Saturday was not a resounding success.   :(    Although, I may have had the most guests out of all the ladies that were participating, it was a dreary, raining day, so the weather may have kept people at home.  But mostly it was probably because I never made the time to sit down and call people just to touch base and remind them (I had sent out the invitations almost a month ago). 

In any event, it was a treat to see my friends that did come and I think they enjoyed seeing the wide variety of things that were available.  It's always nice to have an hour or two to yourself to go out and do some Christmas shopping. 

On a more interesting and happy note, I am already dreaming about how the new house will look and how I will decorate.  These are some fabric swatches from our local fabric-and-all-things-sewing store (jackman's fabrics).  They are a higher end fabric store and carry a pretty impressive selection of quilting fabrics and an even more amazing selection of home decor and upholstery fabrics. 

So these are a few swatches I picked up the other day with the intention of using them for curtains, pillows, and hopefully a duvet in the master bedroom.  Although... most of them are $25 -$35 per yard. (yikes!)  I really like these colors together (slate grey, silver, plum, eggplant).  And I may use this palette throughout the house.  Wish me luck!

I'm hoping to meet with the realtor today or tomorrow so I can get in there and take photos (to share) and window measurements, so I can start buying fabric and making curtains for at least some of the windows before we move in.

We're also on the hunt for kitchen cabinet hardware and need to make a decision about that in the next day or two, because the builder wants to finish off the cabinets (and maybe even install the appliances) this week. 

I have so many happy little joys to look forward this week.  At least I'm going to focus on enjoying those, more than the packing of boxes and tidying up the basement.  The other day I packed up all of my art supplies.  (That feels so paralyzing).  But, I made sure to set aside a few things to knit (otherwise, I'll go crazy) and my pins, scissors and sewing machine.   

Well, I guess I better close for now and as always, across the miles I wish you ... 

blessings and happiness,

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