19 May 2011

little pretties

Don't you just love vintage hankies?  They're so small and yet so full of lovely details. 

From the simplest shades of white and cream, sing the beauty of intricately stitched borders.

I wonder what woman or young girl might have made these dainty embroidered flowers and beautiful crocheted trims. 

I also love the colorful printed flower patterns.

In preparing for my sister's wedding this June, my mom and I are hosting a bridal shower in her honor.  It will be fun and lovely and I know we will have a wonderful time.  My mom and I both love planning parties and decorating for them.  As part of the take home favors, each of the ladies will receive one of these endearing memories of our past. 

I lament sometimes how far womankind has roamed from the quiet lovely ladylike things in life.  The lost arts of letter writing, hand stitching, flower tending, and hankie carrying of the by-gone days of our great-great grandmothers.  So on Sunday, June 5th when we celebrate my sister and honor her upcoming nuptials, we'll also pay homage to a little piece of our handmade past. 

blessings and happiness,


  1. Anonymous19 May, 2011

    Oh my, those are lovely! I'm sure your sister's bridal shower will be wonderful!

  2. what a sweet pile.
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