02 March 2011

sew looking forward to

This is a lovely book of sewing projects that caught my eye one day at my local art supply store.  I resisted the urge to buy it straight away and opted instead (difficult though it was) to ask for it for Christmas.  And my wonderful hubby blessed me it.  I've really been looking forward to making a couple of things from it and just haven't taken the plunge yet.

The patterns are all included and it is very well written with plenty of detailed instructions and suggestions for each design.  There are skirts, dresses, tops, and even jackets.

I only have two problems:  1)  I can't decide which one to do first, and   
2)  almost all of the patterns require the use of a zipper or button holes.  I know this may sound like heresy to those experienced seamstresses among you, but in my entire sewing career (which is not impressive), I have managed to never make anything that required the knowledge and skills for either of these.  So...

my fear of the unknown, may be overcome by my desire to have something cute to wear when it finally gets warmer.  Enter a sewing class at my local sewing shop.  I have a very excellent fabric and all-things-sewing shop nearby, so I may in the near future (at my Mom's suggestion) take a class to finally learn the skills I so sew desperately need. 

I guess this is a good example of how as an artist, a mom, a writer, a seamstress or whatever, I will always need to stretch myself and overcome some sort of fear or obstacle in order to continue to grow and become a better artist, mom, writer, and seamstress.

What are you stretching yourself to overcome or learn to be a better you?

blessings and happiness,

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