08 March 2011

lemon bars ... maybe

So this morning after taking the children to school and Brenna to the orthodontist and then Brenna back to school, I headed to the commissary.  Grocery shopping is my least favorite chore and I really loath going, but it's definitely nice having a full pantry.  (And my family's usually happy about it, too.)

After I got everything unloaded, in the house, and put away, I thought, why don't I surprise everyone and make some lemon bars for a nice after school treat.  Now, let me just say this would be a really BIG surprise for my family, because unless it comes in a box or I can put it in the slow cooker, I don't make it.  I rarely make anything from scratch.  So unless it's Christmas or Thanksgiving, my family doesn't get to enjoy real homemade lemon bars. 

This of course, is a real shame, because they're fabulously good.  That's because it's my mother's recipe and my mother is a fabulous cook.  In any event, I began feeling awfully proud of myself for being so daring and generous as to make something from scratch for my family for no reason at all.  As I pulled out the recipe and began collecting all my ingredients, I discovered that as luck would have it, I was low on sugar.  I only need two cups, but I don't have enough.  So, now I have to go back to the store, uugghhh...

It reminds me of the time when my Mom and I were doing some baking for Thanksgiving last year, and we discovered my only jar of baking powder was three years past the expiration date!  I know, she was horrified, too.  That shows you how often I use baking powder!

As always, my hat is off to you real talented cooks out there.  Maybe by tomorrow I will have successfully assembled all the ingredients I need and happily surprised my family to boot. 

blessings and happiness,

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